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Melania Trump's Website Just Vanished

What’s going on?

While the Democratic National Convention was in the nation’s political spotlight last night, something strange seemed to have happened to Melania Trump’s website — it disappeared.

According to The Huffington Post, the professional website of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s wife was deleted sometime Wednesday afternoon. Anyone attempting to reach will now be redirected to, which is odd in itself, considering that’s not even the candidate’s campaign website (it’s a page about the various business dealings of the Trump organization).

So what’s going on? The theory is that Mrs. Trump’s site was erased after several news outlets started to raise questions about some of the information listed in her biography section. More specifically, the part that claims she earned an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana. Recently, there’s been talk that she actually dropped out of school after her first year in order to pursue her modeling career.

So instead of updating the info, which would probably involve issuing some sort of apology and admitting to falsely embellishing her educational achievements, the Trump campaign appears to be trying to just secretly scrub away any trace that the site ever existed.

Here’s what the biography portion of her site looked like prior to Wednesday:

via @BuhByeGOP

And here’s where her URL will take you today:

Trump’s campaign has been asked repeatedly about Melania’s educational claims, but as of this writing, they have so far refused to decline or confirm questions concerning the degree.

GOOD will provide any updates as they become available.

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