@GOOD Asks Readers: Will You be Tuning in to the Health Care Summit? If So, How Do You Think the Outcome Will Look?

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we asked our friends: Will you be tuning in to the Health Care Summit? If so, how do you think the outcome will look? We ask a question to our Twitter and Facebook faithful once a day, so if you're not yet following @GOOD or a fan, make sure to sign up and participate in the conversation.Check out what our Twitter followers had in mind:

And here is what our Facebook buddies had to say:

The Health Care Summit was held this morning at 10 a.m. eastern time and will continue this afternoon. Check out our post to learn more details about the event.Since we didn't get as much feedback as we were hoping for on Twitter and Facebook, we can't help but wonder if Americans have lost hope and tuned out. What do you think? If you caught the Summit, do you think it was successful?