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GOOD Bloggers Unleashed

Hi there.We'd like to announce a few changes here at the GOOD blog, ones that shouldn't really make any difference in your reading pleasure except to make your experience here a little more vibrant and enjoyable. And who doesn't want that?Very few people probably remember, but I started writing on this blog nearly three years ago, before the first issue of GOOD even existed. Here is that first post, from so many years ago. Since then, our blog (indeed, our entire website) has expanded well beyond anything we could have imagined back in those early days. We've always considered this blog the daily voice of GOOD, and as contributors have come and gone, we've maintained an editorial voice of speaking for our company. And while that will still exist to some extent, we're now going to let our bloggers off the leash, and let them develop more individual voices. It's the same people you've been hearing from, only now they will have to worry slightly less about embarrassing GOOD with their ramblings. So, without further ado, here is who you'll be hearing from.Patrick James, author of such posts as this one on California's Proposition 8 and this one on fake McCain ads. Patrick will be covering the pathos of modern man, the triumph of the human spirit and cool web vids of skateboarding.Andrew Price, who recently blogged from the Pop!Tech conference, will be posting on politics, smart solutions to the world's problems, and the happy instances where the two overlap. He'll also post on art for its own sake sometimes.Our newest addition, Nikhil Swaminathan, (check out his piece on the silver lining to the financial crisis), will be blogging about current events, science and health, and what Parag Khanna would call "exports from Bollystan," such as Fareed Zakaria, Bobby Jindal, etc.And finally, me (though perhaps a little more sporadically) writing mostly about things I find hypocritical or annoying, things I find that speak kindly to humanity's better angels, and maybe some silly videos. Welcome to the new blog order. We hope everyone enjoys it.Note: All bloggers reserve the right to post on topics well outside the content areas prescribed above.

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