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GOOD Books about Journalistic Scandals GOOD Books about Journalistic Scandals

GOOD Books about Journalistic Scandals

by Kat Fatland

July 21, 2011

New Grub Street
By George Gissing
559 pages. Broadview Press. $18.95

New Grub Street was first published more than a century ago but the storyline remains ageless. The novel follows two characters: Edwin Reardon, the honest-to-a-fault writer who struggles to make an impact on the literary world while keeping his integrity, and Jasper Milvain, a cynical, money-driven journalist who is all too happy to cater to the masses who desire nothing but fluff. “Writing is a business," he proclaims. In the end, the ultimate question is one that writers from every era can sympathize with: Which is better, sticking to artistic integrity, or catering to the crowds for a better chance at profit­?

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GOOD Books about Journalistic Scandals