A Pork Chart Like None Other Good Books to Read: Meat, Salt, Time

A beautiful and important reminder that your "other white meat" comes from a living, sentient being.

Tony Seichrist, a Georgia chef and development director at the Portfolio Center, put out a slim volume last year called Meat, Salt, Time.

The book is a flattering look into the life of Cristiano Creminelli, a salami maker adhering to his family's time-honored Italian tradition of curing meat. What's interesting is how Meat, Salt, Time blends design with its subject matter: slow food and do-it-yourself charcuterie instruction. This instructive chart of a pig's muscle and skeletal lines reflects technique, Seichrist told me:

A breakdown for a salumi hog is different than a breakdown for a fresh meat hog, a bacon hog, or a larding animal. That flexibility should inspire confidence to dig in and to get cutting but it more often has the opposite effect.


Whereas these kinds of butcher's diagrams once served as consumer guides and have since proliferated as icons on restaurant windows, in cookbooks, and on the arms of line cooks everywhere (often with little information except for the subdivided cuts), here's a visual aid showing that meat came from a living animal. Which certainly seems like a recipe worth following.

Design by Annabel Mangold, photography by Artem Nazarov. Courtesy of Portfolio Center Press. Thanks Don!