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GOOD Design Daily: D.I.Y. LED Jellyfish Costume

This make-your-own medusa costume is a win-win for Halloween.


Halloween is design's holiday to shine, as everyone dabbles in a little D.I.Y. to achieve the proper Chilean Miner or Lady Gaga Meat Dress effect. So, on this All Designer's Eve, we at GOOD would encourage you first and foremost when it comes to your costume that you make it yourself (even if Target doesn't want you to), and send us a photo of it so we can include it in our Halloween costume contest. We tipped you to some sustainably-minded suggestions last week, or you can dress up like McNuggets and get a free burrito, but the date is closing in fast, so if you're absolutely, totally stuck, might we suggest a killer idea that will have your co-partiers so dazzled they won't know what hit (stung?) them.


A D.I.Y. LED Jellyfish Costume.

The D.I.Y. LED Jellyfish Costume is a winner on all fronts. It's technologically-advanced, so you'll amaze your friends with your wizardry. It's bright as day, so you don't have to worry about you or your small child getting hit by a car. You can pinch someone really hard and then tell people they have to pee on him. And ladies, you can wear skimpy clothes underneath it all and be a Sexy D.I.Y LED Jellyfish.

But how to bring this electric sensation to your trick-or-treating lineup? There's a step-by-step how-to over at Instructables that doesn't seem terribly difficult—only basic electronics required—and affixes the entire jelly apparatus to a bike or skateboard helmet. Go forth to the hardware store, and by tomorrow you'll be lighting up the night as a make-your-own medusa.

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