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GOOD Ideas for Cities: Increasing Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is just as important as a good teacher. How can a city implement a stronger connection between parents and schools?


Conversations around improving education largely focus on ideas for improving schools and teachers. But it has been proven that dedicated parental involvement is just as important for students. How could a city implement a stronger connection between parents and schools? As part of GOOD Ideas for Cities Cincinnati, the Cincinatives team tackled a challenge to increase parental interaction during one of the most important periods of a student's career—early childhood education. Their program, Home Room, focuses on showing parents that everyday, at-home experiences can turn into learning opportunities. A group of trusted community advocates across the city from churches and nonprofits would serve as advisors, holding workshops and serving as a resource for parents. Additionally, Home Room would create a series of learning tools, from apps to flashcards, which would help parents to add lessons to everyday activities.

Challenge: Studies have shown that parental involvement in a child’s academic aspirations is one of the most important elements in improving student outcomes and nurturing student success. Knowing that early education is especially critical to our students’ lifelong development, how can we design, implement, and evaluate a system of parental involvement within early education for Cincinnati families?

Strive Partnership, Greg Landsman; KnowledgeWorks, Jamie Berg

Cincinatives: Dustin Blankenship, Julie Blum, Doug Hovekamp, Kara Koch

Home Room: Follow #HomeroomInitiative on Twitter or visit their website

Video by The Queen City Project

Additional support provided by the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation

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