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GOOD Ideas: Love Thy Neighbor, A Neighborday Recap

Welcome to GOOD Ideas, a web series where we talk with people who are doing cool things to make the world a better place. We'll be updating...

Welcome to GOOD Ideas, a web series where we talk with people who are doing cool things to make the world a better place. We'll be updating this post with a live stream of the conversation via Google hangout, so remember to bookmark this link. We hope you'll tune in, ask questions in the comment field below, and help us push the conversation forward.

This week, GOOD's Community Activation Coordinator Hannah Wasserman will be leading a discussion around Neighborday with the participants below at 11:30am pst on Friday, May 24. If you're not familiar with Neighborday, last month we asked the GOOD Community to get to know their neighbors on the last Saturday in April. And the GOOD community really stepped up. They hosted gatherings all around the world. Take a look at our recap video.


Manuela Colombo: Manuela is 29 years old and from Brazil. Co-founder of Conexão Cultural, a culture center and Intellectual Property lawyer, Manuela co-hosted a Neighborday in her community. Here's her recap video.


Hunter Franks: Hunter is passionate about co-creating better communities through human-centered creative approaches. His SF Postcard Project encourages community connection through storytelling exchange. Hunter is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Makeshift Society, a GOOD San Francisco Local Leader, and a Fellow at Square Foot.

Hunter previously served as Community Manager for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, where he collaborated with local organizations to empower San Franciscans to co-create solutions to civic challenges. Prior to that, he was walking from Los Angeles to New Mexico — an experience that continues to fuel his desire to connect and engage with communities.

Juli Palomba: At LIFT, Juli is a member of the Development and Communications team. She assists the Development and Communications Management team and Regional Executive Team. In addition to managing and maintaining LIFT’s donor management system, she is responsible for donor prospecting and management, which includes updating donor information, tracking and processing revenue, and donation acknowledgements. She also plays a role in managing relationships with certain partnerships and social media campaigns.

Pete Karinen: Pete is a producer in the Video Department at GOOD. He has produced videos for Fox, NBC, MTV, and Comedy Central, and created digital content for brands such as IBM, UPS, Samsung, and Ben & Jerry's. He created the first-ever globally-distributed branded web series and has written for such award shows as the Emmy Awards and MTV Movie Awards. He will be appearing in the upcoming feature film "Kings of Summer," in theaters on May 31.

Eli Kaufman: Eli is head of Video at GOOD, Teacher and Founding parent of the Early Childhood Center at IKAR in Los Angeles. He grew up around the world as the son of international teachers and followed in their footsteps as a middle school English teacher before moving to Los Angeles to get his MFA in film at UCLA. Upon graduation, he was hired by Film Independent as a Senior Web Content Producer for the Spirit Awards on IFC and The Los Angeles Film Festival, where he got to rub elbows with many of his indie film heroes. Kaufman has ideated, directed, and produced award-winning web documentaries and commercials for The GAP, LACMA, Starbucks, FedEx, Apollo Group, Ben & Jerry’s and the Tiger Woods Foundation. When he is not doing the video thing, you can find him tending to his raised bed.

Alessandra Rizzotti: Alessandra is an Associate Features Editor at GOOD, curator of the crowdfunding Saturday series "Push for Good," and contributor of the Hello Giggles and White House series "Women Working to Do Good." (Lots of Goods). As a producer of the former storytelling show "In Bloom" in Silverlake, California, she has experience bringing her community together to tell stories and sing songs about their neighborhoods, which is what she did for Neighborday.

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