GOOD's Racing Dreams Is in Theaters


Hey, GOOD helped produce another movie. It's called Racing Dreams and it's about the fast-paced world of pre-teen go-kart racing and the experience of becoming an adult. The New York Timeslikes it:

Like a pint-size “Hoop Dreams,” “Racing Dreams” is the unusual sports movie that is more interested in the lives of children on the verge of adolescence than in giving viewers the cheap thrill of vicarious competition and heaping glory on the winners. Above all, it is a portrait of a rural, working-class society in which families live close to the bone, surviving on meager incomes that are barely enough to support their children’s aspirations.


It's playing tonight and tomorrow at the IFC Center in New York. It's opening in Los Angeles on July 23. Here's a schedule of screenings. Hope to see you there.