GOOD Talks: Lawrence Lessig on Money and Political Corruption

The Harvard law professor, political activist, and founder of Rootstrikers came by GOOD HQ to talk about his plan for reforming our political system.


Harvard law professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig has made it his mission to fight the corrupting influence of money in government. He's the founder of Rootstrikers, a nonprofit devoted to reforming a political system in which ordinary people no longer have influence. He's also the author of the recent Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress—and a Plan to Stop It, which looks at how wealthy special interests and changes in campaign finance laws have brought America to the position it is in today.

Lessig recently stopped by GOOD's headquarters and explained the problem as he sees it. "196 Americans have contributed 80% of the money that has gone into Super PACs so far," he says. "Forget the 1%, that's the .0000063%."

Watch our GOOD Talks video with Lessig above, then check out Rootstrikers' brand new infographic focused on campaign finance reform, which we're debuting today here at GOOD.