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Google Art Project: Street View for Museums Google Art Project: Street View for Museums

Google Art Project: Street View for Museums

by Patrick James

February 4, 2011

Visiting a city's major museums is a cornerstone of travel. Now, thanks to the Google Art Project, which launched Tuesday, you can take a stroll through New York's Met, Prague's Kampa, and a host of other art repositories with a mere click of a button.

Like Street View, the Google Art Project isn't meant to replace the experience of actually setting foot in some of the world's great museums—if anything, it entices jet-setting all the more—but it does allow a user to familiarize him- or herself with the surroundings. Additionally, the Project includes galleries from the museums' permanent collections, with photos comprised of 7 billion pixels per image—meaning you won't ever need to bring your camera to the museum again. That's something all museum patrons can applaud.

Via Fast Company

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Google Art Project: Street View for Museums