Jeb Bush Campaign Sells Guacamole Bowl for $75, Twitter Erupts

Somewhere in Florida, an El Torito is missing its guac bowl.

via Talking Points Memo

According to his campaign website, Jeb (last name redacted, per recent campaign strategy) is selling a guac bowl (dubbed the “guaca bowle” on his site) to raise money for his presidential bid. Although there is nothing wrong with selling bowls to raise a little filthy campaign lucre, what is astonishing is the price, $75.00! Who can afford that, the Koch Brothers?

Also, according to his site, “Jeb’s secret guacamole recipe not included...yet.” $75.00 for a bowl is steep, but adding a top-secret Bush Illuminati-grade guac recipe could make it worth the money. I can hear it now, Donald Trump screaming from his lectern at the Republican debates, “When will Jeb Bush release his secret guacamole recipe? What is he hiding?” We know what he’s hiding. Columba Bush’s tasty avocado-infused awesome sauce, sure to turn any boring, run-of-the-mill Republican fundraiser into a fiery fiesta.

Not only is Jeb’s guac bowl expensive it’s astonishingly low quality compared to the competition. The bowl appears to be made of plastic and doesn’t hold a candle to the volcanic rock mortar and pestle being sold at William Sonoma for a still whopping $49.95. Or the charming, but affordable, Imusa granite mocaljete now available at your local Target for just $20.79.

As with everything political, Twitter is having a field day with Guac-Gate.

(H/T Talking Points Memo)