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These men helped a woman struggling to pay for gas and learned her heartbreaking story.

“We weren’t like this.”

Photo by Mike Mozart/Flickr

People often judge economically disadvantaged people by calling them lazy. I suspect it’s just a way to write off other people’s pain so they don’t feel responsible for helping them out.

Which is its own form of mental, emotional, and spiritual laziness.

But there are plenty of good people left in this world who don’t care why someone is struggling, they’re just here to help.

A video posted by comedian Carlos “Haha” Davis *also known as “Big Fella”), is going viral because he decided to help out a stranger and, in the process, learned her heartbreaking story.


Davis and his brother were at a gas station when his brother noticed a woman paying for gas with pennies. So Davis pulled some cash out of his wallet and gave it to the woman.

“My husband just died a week ago, we weren’t like this,” the woman admits.

Davis then gave the woman a big hug and his brother began to well up. “It’s only right, we gotta stick together,” Davis told the woman.

When the woman asked how she can repay them, Davis’ brother responded, “Pay it forward.”

Davis has gone viral before but for very different reasons. The rising comedy star got his start making viral comedy videos on vine and Instagram. This led to him appearing on albums by Snoop Dogg and Chance the Rapper.


Davis is currently developing a cartoon for Adult Swim called “Big Fella”

Here’s a compilation of his most viral hits.

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