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Hello Hong Kong: Here Comes GOOD Local

When one thinks of Hong Kong, what comes to mind? Perhaps the crowded streets teeming with skyscrapers, the thousands of billboards that light...

When one thinks of Hong Kong, what comes to mind?

Perhaps the crowded streets teeming with skyscrapers, the thousands of billboards that light up the city every night, and ships of all shapes and sizes criss-crossing Victoria Harbor. But behind the veil of sanitized modernity is a city that has integrated the best of both Chinese and Western culture. Hybridity—old and new, East and West, extravagant and modest—is a fundamental concept that underlies Hong Kong society. For example, practicing both Christianity and folk religions do not conflict one another, Christmas and the Lunar New Year are both national holidays and certain English vocabulary such as “bye” and “taxi” is often used interchangeably with Cantonese.

At GOOD Hong Kong, we aim to highlight all the great things Hong Kong has to offer while bringing awareness to things that could be done better. At the same time, we want to have fun and connect people, minds, and ideas. We aspire to bring a city to live beyond the duality it has become so comfortable with: to think heterogeneously, engage in global ideas and ultimately shape Hong Kong into a global city in every sense of the word.

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Meet the Team

Carmen Ng

Digital storyteller

Carmen is a digital media hack and a Hong Kong native. Rooted in a city of cultural paradoxes and trilingualism, she is curious about all things that connect people for good. She tweets about Asia buzz and data storytelling at @carmen_ngkaman.

Jasmine Wee

Beyonce's personal umbrella holder

Jasmine is a recent graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and a born-and-bred Hong Konger. She will be begin law school in September at a local university, and hopes to contribute towards the GOOD movement, brush up on her piano, and teach herself how to produce music and DJ in her spare time. She enjoys watching Hong Kong movies from the 1990s, hip-hop music, singing, and trying to be the best pescetarian she could be while in a city where red and white meat is found in nearly every dish.

Maggie Lin

Design and public space enthusiast

An everyday explorer of the world, Maggie applies her anthropology training to her daily life to make it more fun. She combines a passion for design and engaging the community to cofound of The Pocket Parks Collective. She is a keen believer that we can all be an everyday hero to make the world a little better place.

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