Hey, Morning People! How Do You Wake Up?

What's your morning routine?

Everybody says that the most productive hours of the day are the very early ones.

We know that to get better sleep, you should keep your phones, laptops, and tablets out of your bedroom at night. In fact, we know a lot about how to sleep better. But what about on the other side of things?

I know if I wake up to an alarm clock, I'm not the same person as if I wake up to the sun (which I have the luxury of right now, and won't for long). I know that when I used a CD-player alarm clock in college, I hated it even more. It ruined bands for me! Lifehacker readers shared their favorite alarm clocks this week, but what I want to know is beyond that, what's your morning routine?

How do you get up early and start kicking ass right off the bat? What does that look like and how do you maintain it? What if you have a late night? Do you stick to the schedule?

Photo via Flickr (cc) user shawncampbell.