This New Hillary Clinton Ad Has Everything

The latest Republican attack on Clinton is bizarre and perfect

Did someone in the National Republican Senatorial Committee spend a tipsy Thursday night making a satirical campaign attack ad and then accidentally leak it? Because that’s the only reasonable explanation for this new “takedown” piece called “Toxic.”

This ad has everything. Slow motion zoom-ins on archive footage. Isolated audio of maniacal laughter. Red filters on everything and a list of all the Gates that Hillary has made famous, like TRAVELGATE and CHINAGATE and FILEGATE. Perhaps most damning is a whole title card devoted to a 2014 pull quote from the Washington Post that just says “RUTHLESS,” which, without any context or explanation, feels like real a nail in HRC’s coffin.

The last frames of the clip are actually a rip off of the landmark 1984 Macintosh Super Bowl commercial in which a woman runs into a gray room of drone workers and throws a sledge hammer at Big Brother on a massive screen. No but actually...

Here’s the 1984 ad produced by Chiat/Day.

And here’s the considerably more budget “Toxic” ad.

As the Dystopia of Hillary is detonated we are told, “She is the living embodiment of everything people hate about politics.” So, that’s completely sane! If you want wash that bad taste out of your mouth, watch the award winning Apple ad in full and remember how your mind was blown—in a good way.