Hillary Clinton Is Ready For A Comeback

“I am ready to come out of the woods”

Hillary Clinton is ready for a comeback.

The former secretary of state announced Friday during a St. Patrick’s Day speech, she’s ready to come out of hiding and help the American people find common ground.

“I’m like a lot of my friends right now. I have a hard time watching the news, I’ll confess,” Clinton said as part of a 20-minute speech she made in front of the Society of Irish Women in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this.”

Clinton’s reference to “coming out of the woods” can be taken both literally and figuratively. The Clinton family has been laying somewhat low since her stunning presidential election loss in November. Save for a few tweets from daughter Chelsea, the Clintons have been spending most of their time in their home in Chappaqua, New York, spending afternoons hiking in the surrounding woods. But now, Clinton said, it’s time to help heal a divided nation.

“I do not believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides. And we can’t just ignore, or turn a cold shoulder to someone because they disagree with us politically,” Clinton said in her speech.

It appears Clinton really means it when she says she’s ready to make a roaring comeback. Her dance card is filled with public appearances and speeches in the coming months, including a May 26 commencement address at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, her alma mater.

The newly invigorated and more public version of Clinton may be leading up to another huge announcement: a run at becoming mayor of New York City. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, a source says Clinton is “honestly considering” a run against current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to a January 2017 poll by Quinnipiac University, in a hypothetical race, Hillary Clinton, running as an independent, tops incumbent Bill de Blasio, running as a Democrat, 49–30 percent. While surely a promising poll, we all remember what happened last time Clinton relied on such data.

Check out Clinton’s entire 20-minute speech below.

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