Horrifying Video: Watch This (Fake) Criminal Buy Handguns with Ease in Arizona

Watch a team of investigators easily obtain handguns in Phoenix just two weeks after a crazed gunman killed six people in nearby Tucson, Arizona.


Just two weeks after the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona, that left six dead and many more wounded, a private investigatorial team sponsored by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg went into a gun show in Phoenix and tried to buy handguns while skirting the system of checks and balances that attempt to keep criminals dispossessed of weapons. What they found is that it was amazingly easy to acquire lethal weapons, even after outright telling gun sellers that they probably couldn't pass a background check.

This is how easy it is for criminals to get guns in Arizona, and it's important to note that the gun dealers aren't breaking any laws by not running background checks on buyers. It's the "gun-show loophole" that's been a controversy in Arizona and other states for years: private dealers can sell guns at gun shows to whomever they'd like, no questions asked.