Hot And Bothered

In New York, it's 90 degrees in mid-October. In Chicago, stifling heat shut down the marathon and led to one death and many hospitalizations. At some point soon, we have to stop saying: "wow, it's really hot for October" and maybe start worrying that we're totally screwed past the point where your recycling is making any sort of difference except making you feel better about yourself. So, it's heartening, in the wake of government silence on the issue, to hear that a new settlement has been reached in an environmental lawsuit. American Electric Power is going to spend $4.6 billion to reduce emissions coming from their coal power plants. Granted, these emissions aren't global warming-related (they just make acid rain. Remember when we had to worry about that?). But at least the government is stepping in to do something about it. Next, we'd like our seasons back. And so would the fashion industry, thank you very much.