YouTuber Asks ‘How Many Things Are There?’

There are seven billion of us

via YouTube

Recently, the Earth’s human population reached the seven billion mark. In order to show what that number looks like, YouTube sensation VSauce gave a visual representation of the landmark by creating the above graphic. As you can see, if you stacked all of humanity atop each other in a giant pyramid, we couldn’t fill the Grand Canyon. In fact, if you took the 106 billion humans (or 15 piles) who ever existed and dumped them into the Grand Canyon you wouldn’t fill it either. Not sure what this says about humanity, but it does prove that the Grand Canyon is pretty big and worth seeing once in your life.

In his video, “How Many things Are There,” VSauce goes on to drop the following pieces of useless knowledge sure to captivate guests at your next cocktail party:

— You will never make enough spit to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool
— Over 560 billion Lego pieces have been manufactured
— There are 7.5 x 10^18 grains of sand on Earth