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Howard Stern Suggests That Donald Trump Should Leave The Presidency

Trump has made over two dozen appearances on Stern’s show.

Image via Wochit Entertainment/YouTube.

Over a 20-year span, Donald Trump made around two dozen appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” on both terrestrial radio and Sirius XM. During the 2016 presidential campaign, recordings surfaced of Trump making numerous sexist remarks to Stern about women’s looks and raising children. Trump even admitted to peeking in on naked women while they got dressed for his beauty pageants.

Stern considers himself a friend of Trump’s although he supported Hillary Clinton in the election.

On March 27, Stern admitted he was a little miffed that Trump hadn’t reached out to him for advice since being elected. “I was watching the news. They said that the president calls his friends and asks advice,” Stern said during a conversation about Trump’s alleged affair with adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. “He’s never once called me and asked for advice,” Stern lamented.

But Stern still has some powerful advice for the president.

“My advice would be ‘get the fuck out of there, man,’” Stern said. “Why do you need that for? Go back to Mar-a-Lago and hang.”

“Just give it over to [Vice President] Pence,” he added. “Let him do his thing.”

This isn’t the first time Stern has suggested Trump would be happier if he hadn’t run for president. “Seventy-year-old guy who has made so much money — he’s made billions of dollars — that he has his own helicopter. He has his own airplane. He has a hot wife. He’s got fame from a number one television show,” Stern said in 2017. “He can walk around Mar-a-Lago, which is like any palace better than the fucking White House.”

Stern has questioned whether Trump is cut out for the job of president. “I actually think this is something that is going to be very detrimental to his mental health too,” Stern said on his show in 2017. “Because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved, he wants people to cheer for him,” Stern said. “I don’t think this is going to be a healthy experience for him.”

Every day, millions of people listen to Stern on Sirius XM; maybe it’s time the president renewed his subscription.

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