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Idea(COMM): Combining Food, Data, and Community at SXSW

This year's SXSW will feature an interactive farm-to-table lunch, sponsored by GOOD—and you're invited!

GOOD is proud to be the media partner for one of the most exciting events at this year's SXSW festival: idea(COMM).

The interactive farm-to-table lunch is the product of a collaboration between a mobile dinner club, an underground traveling wine saloon, and a digital food and technology platform—and you're invited!

The event will pair guest chefs and attendees with apps created by food- and data-driven start-ups, with the goal of using technology to connect people across the food supply chain. So, as guests enjoy nibbles, they'll be able to play with various apps to learn about the farms,
ingredients, dishes, chefs, and recipes involved with the meal—as well as contribute their own feedback, by rating ingredients and dishes. The resulting interactions, hopes co-producer Danielle Gould of Food + Tech Connect, will help "build community between investors and innovators at the intersection between food and information technology," as well as leave behind an open-source data set and wiki that others can mine and build upon.

If you're going to be in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, March 13, check it out—you can RSVP online here. Be quick, though, because space is limited. And if you want to learn more about the start-ups and chefs involved, visit Food + Tech Connect, where Gould will be publishing profiles and links all week. GOOD will be reporting back from the event itself, to sample the snacks and see what delicious new data emerge.

idea(COMM) is a production of Danielle Gould (Food + Tech Connect), Ben Walmer (The Highlands Dinner Club), and Jonny Cigar and Brian Quinn (The Noble Rot). Among the start-ups and sponsors of the event are, Grubster, Consmr, the USDA, Wine Agent, Greenling, and BurdaStyle.

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