Ideas for Cities: Citizen Recruiters

Citizen Recruiters
Every single citizen should be engaged in the city, valued, and respected. Citizen Recruiters are analogous to military recruiters who go out and get people “in the game.” They would issue a personal invitation to be involved, and help the recruits navigate the system to find the right opportunities to “play.” They could get involved in city services, learning, or apprenticeships. Supported by a technology infrastructure, CRs would invite citizens both in person and via social media technology. In addition every citizen (not only CRs) could and should be an honorary CR in some capacity. Citizen Recruiters would be part of city service corps, conducting outreach and providing tools and training that enable every citizen to connect with the people, things, and activities to be successful.

This is part 18 of a continuing brainstorm on the future of cities, inaugurated at the CEOs for CitiesVelocity conference in September, 2009. We’ll post a new idea each day until we run out, at which point we’re counting on you to come up with something smart. Do you have a good idea for improving your city? Add it in the comments below, or tweet it to @GOOD with hashtag #cityideas—we’ll publish the best ones. Tomorrow’s idea: Ped Shed over Drive Shed.