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Ideas for Cities: Pedicab Infrastructure Ideas for Cities: Pedicab Infrastructure

Ideas for Cities: Pedicab Infrastructure

November 13, 2009
Pedicab infrastructure
Some streets could be zoned for pedicabs (and bicycles) only. Themed pedicabs would make alternate transportation more fun, and would make this method of commuting a “destination” instead of simply a mode. It would also provide healthy work for the employees. Pedicab themes could be anything from music, to luxury, to branded experience, to learning lessons (TED Peds).

This is part 12 of a continuing brainstorm on the future of cities, inaugurated at the Velocity conference in September 2009. We’ll post a new idea each day until we run out, at which point we’re counting on you to come up with something smart. Do you have a good idea for improving your city? Add it in the comments below, or tweet it to @GOOD with hashtag #cityideas—we’ll publish the best ones. Tomorrow’s idea: Decentralized Design Hubs and Work Centers.

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Ideas for Cities: Pedicab Infrastructure