He Didn’t Have Much Influence Last Week, But Look At Him Now

Here's how you get millions of people to hear your tweet when you only have 54 followers.

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This video, sponsored by GOOD and Make It Work, illustrates the potential of spreading a positive message through social networks, even if you don’t have many followers. Gabe Reilich (a creative strategist at GOOD) wanted to see what would happen if he shared his personal reason for voting today with his small group of 54 followers on Twitter, and then encouraged someone with more social influence than himself to do the same. This triggered a chain reaction that eventually led to influencers such as Eli Pariser (co-founder of Upworthy), Mallika Sherawat (Bollywood movie star), and Catfish star Max Joseph getting in on the action.

Want to join in on the fun? Tweet out your reason for voting today using #ImVotingBecause.