Iman Shares an Inspiring Quote a Month After David Bowie’s Death

“Each tear is a poet…”

Via (cc) Flickr user euronews

The sense of loss that comes with the death of a spouse is an unimaginable experience. Feelings of shock, guilt, loneliness, and deep depression are common, but there are steps people can take to begin to build a new life. One can only image how Iman, the wife of rock icon David Bowie, must be feeling after losing her spouse of 24 years to cancer. Compounding her grief is the worldwide media attention on her and her family.

That’s why it was inspiring to many when, yesterday, Iman posted a line from a poem by Rune Lazuli on Instagram. It read, “Each tear is a poet, a healer, a teacher.” The line was accompanied by the om symbol, which represents the all-encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe.

Via Instagram