Improv Everywhere on Ice: Worst Ice Skater Ever

New Yorkers at Bryant Park ice rink got a surprise performance when what appeared to be a pitiable stranded skater found his figure skating courage.


The friendly folks at Improv Everywhere organized another delightful spectacle recently, this time in New York's Bryant Park ice skating rink.

They are the group behind the No Pants Subway Ride . This "mission" was called Worst Ice Skater Ever , where a professional ice-skater pretends to be stranded alone on the ice as the zamboni machine waits to clean the ice.

Watch how the fellow skaters and confused onlookers transform from pity, to laughter to unexpected appreciation at the end of his theatrical routine.

See Improv Everywhere for more pics of the crowd and full credit to all the fine people involve. It was a collaboration between the public improv group and the Ice Theatre of New York .