Interactive Infographic: Student Debt in America

Studies show that a postsecondary degree has a big impact on career prospects, but for students amassing huge debt, is their education paying off?

This infographic is a collaboration between GOOD and Other Means, with support from MTV

As the election season kicks off, GOOD and MTV want to cut past all the blustering, pontificating, and finger pointing to get to the heart of some of the most important issues that America is facing today. Join us every other Wednesday for the next two months, when we'll be graphically exploring through interactive infographics what goes behind the nation's key issues.

Last time, we looked at energy independence and job creation. This week's issue explores a pressing problem for students and their families: the rising cost of college tuition. Studies show that a bachelor's degree can have a big impact on long term job prospects, but can students afford the price tag for a degree? How much money are students spending on their postsecondary degrees and is this financial investment paying off? Find the answers and more here.