Intermission: Calvin and Hobbes Do Christmas

A short film animates the various ways to kill a snowman.


Remember the storyline in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons about the terrible things the mischievous pair liked to do to snowmen? They invented all sorts of new and innovative ways to "kill" their snow creatures: a giant snow chicken beheaded one, a car ran over one, snow sharks chased one down as he "swam" away. Those comics showed why Bill Watterson was one of the greatest cartoonists ever—they mixed a dark sense of humor with vivid drawings and terrific dialogue. "Oh yeah? Define 'well-adjusted,'" Calvin retorts to his mother when she stumbles on one of his creations.

Watterson retired in 1995, but this year, Calvin's snowmen came to life thanks to filmmakers Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie. Using Play-Do, clay, and paper maché, they created a perfect tribute to Watterson and winter. It might be a bit macabre for some people less than a week before Christmas, but for scores of Watterson devotees, it goes perfectly with eggnogg and cookies.