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Intermission: It's Tami Taylor, Y'all Intermission: It's Tami Taylor, Y'all

Intermission: It's Tami Taylor, Y'all

by Nona Willis Aronowitz

July 15, 2011

The beloved little-drama-that-could known as Friday Night Lights is ending tomorrow. I, for one, will miss the show for its nuanced approach to everything from race and class to abortion and marriage, and also for teaching me everything I know about football. But I'll especially miss Dillon, Tex.'s matriarch, Tami Taylor. Tami has got to be one of the best and most complicated TV female characters ever. So to give FNL a proper send-off, I'm bestowing upon you every "y'all" that Tami ever uttered. Enjoy.

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Intermission: It's Tami Taylor, Y'all