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Intermission: No Corkscrew, No Problem Intermission: No Corkscrew, No Problem

Intermission: No Corkscrew, No Problem

by Nina Lincoff

November 29, 2011

Sometimes you witness pure genius, and all you can do is sit back, jaw on the floor, and watch. Leave it to a drunk Frenchman to show just how magnificent the human drive can be.

If you're like us, you're a little slow getting back to the daily grind after the Thanksgiving break. Today is not the day to move fast and plunge into the deep events of the world, it's a day to ease back into the rhythm of things one small step at a time. As always, a glass of wine and a bit of YouTube magic helps. Make sure to watch to the very end, because the jubilation of the newly libated Frenchman is a level of joy to which we all should aspire this holiday season.

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Intermission: No Corkscrew, No Problem