Intermission: Shaking Up Kids' Perspectives—Literally

Artist Raghava KK unveils an iPad children's book that changes when the device is shaken.

\n\n\n\n\n\n Cartoonist and picture book author Raghava KK believes that books for kids too often indoctrinate impressionable minds with only one perspective. So the Indian-American Hindu raised in a Muslim neighborhood attending Christian schools decided to create a kids' book for iPads that actually changes when the reader shakes the device.

In this short TEDTalk introducing the book, Raghava talks about why it's so important for children to be exposed to different perspectives. His book, Pop-It, is "about things little kids do with their parents." The book is fully interactive—characters talk, bubbles pop, and so on—but most importantly, kids can change the characters and events by shaking the iPad. To illustrate, Raghava demonstrated how the parents of the child in the story can be any combination of genders. It was certainly funny, but also an important reminder that empathy is the direct product of interacting with different kinds of people—whether real ones of characters in a picture book.