Intermission: These Brilliant Embroidered Portraits Ain't Your Grandma's Needlepoint

Portraits from young artist Daniel Kornrumpf updates a stuffy old hobby.

For many the term "embroidery" conjures images of tacky pillows or treacly wall-hangings that say things like "Home is where the heart is." For Pennsylvania artist Daniel Kornrumpf, however, embroidery has become a powerful medium. For a recent series of evocative portraits, Kornrumpf took the stereotypically drab art form and made it all his own, depicting the faces of attractive young people with thousands of patiently strung threads. The works are fantastic, and they're made all the more great by the fact that the embroidery at times looks like paintbrush strokes.

Consider this more proof that, in the hands of the right person, nothing is "boring."