Intermission: Wild Turkey Chases ABC Producer

Poor turkey, all it wanted was to be left alone.


There are moments when it’s simply impossible to sympathize with somebody in peril, even if they are truly experiencing their own version of hell. Try as you might, the situation is too ridiculous, too hilarious, or too mind-blowingly absurd to take seriously.

Today, the wacky moment comes from a fellow member of the media. Venturing into the wilds of Sacramento, California, ABC producer Duffy Kelly is chased down by a wild turkey—but not just any normal turkey. A resilient, mail-truck-evading, slightly cockeyed and wrinkled turkey. A turkey not to be dissuaded by shrieks of, ‘What do I do? Throw something at it! I can’t throw my camera at it…’ [1:10]. A turkey that’s only satisfied when the invading producer is gone.

So, maybe there is a moment for sympathy in this clip, but it’s not with the frightened videographer. Instead, understand the turkey’s desire to be left alone.

After all, Thanksgiving’s a month a way. The plucky poultry only has a few more weeks of peace left.