Introducing the American Power Act: In Kerry's Own Words

[Yesterday] was a busy day here—started early with some curtain-raising morning television to kick off the discussion a bit about the American Power Act that Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and a unique coalition are talking about later today.
But sometimes those morning-show interviews are a bit of a reminder of how much detailed discussion we lose when we're crammed into a two- or three- or five-minute back-and-forth, which is especially tough on an issue like a comprehensive approach to climate and energy.
Which brings me to why I wanted to come by Grist—because of the in-depth discussions you've already had here again and again on this issue.
But—and here's the but—I don't want to swing by and just sort of preach to the choir. We're true believers—we already get the imperative of the threat our addiction to carbon-emitting energy poses. You know the science, you know the reality, and so do I.
So, what I do want to talk about is this: We need to take a deep dive together on the Senate strategy, and on the real details of the bill that make it important for the things you and I care about. So, I hope I bring something new to that discussion that we can use as a jumping-off point.

Head to Grist for the post by Senator John Kerry.

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