Is Jamie Oliver Creating Revolution, or Just Good TV? Is Jamie Oliver Creating Revolution, or Just Good TV?

Is Jamie Oliver Creating Revolution, or Just Good TV?

by Peter Smith

April 18, 2010

The latest British invasion aims for the stomach—and misses. Well, sort of.

Besides, nobody likes an outsider telling them what to eat, especially when that outsider is a celebrity chef—with 10 cookbooks, 12 television series, six restaurants, and an estimated $65 million—who seems to be suggesting that working class folks just need to “get with it” so they can get healthy, transform themselves, and make a better society. And, frankly, that’s a long way off: When given a choice, Huntington’s kids all preferred fries to Oliver’s revolutionary food.

Make no mistake, though, Food Revolution makes for decent television. Especially when the 34-year-old hyperactive, dyslexic chef, with a predilection for horrid songs about curry, dismembers a chicken and throws it in a blender—along with the necessary preservatives, flavorings, salt—to make fried chicken nuggets, only to have the school children choose the revolting fried-up sludge over his moral, upstanding made-from-scratch chicken, in the clip below:

And that’s why Food Revolution is ultimately worth checking out. It’s easy to digest. The executives at ABC wouldn’t greenlight a show called A Nuanced Discussion of Food Politics by Some British Wanker with a Funny Haircut. But if all this Jamie-ness trickles further into the mainstream, and people start picking up the phone to call Congress, maybe his silly publicity stunt will actually result in some modest legislation. There’s hope that Oliver’s "Food Revolution” can be more than just the Che Guevara T-shirt of food politics—and more than just entertainment playing at social change.

Food Revolution airs Fridays on ABC at 9 / 8 Central. You can watch all the episodes here on Hulu.
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Is Jamie Oliver Creating Revolution, or Just Good TV?