Iskra Lawrence Destroys A Body-Shamer On Instagram

He didn’t know who he was messing with.

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Back in February, GOOD reported that American Eagle’s lingerie line, Aerie, hired Iskra Lawrence to model swimwear and come on board as its official brand ambassador as well. As a teenager, Lawrence was fired by her modeling agency for having hips that were “too big.” This made Lawrence the perfect choice to represent a brand that’s known for its commitment to body-positive advertising. She also gives back by working for the National Eating Disorders Association. So when a troll recently called Lawrence a “fat cow” on Instagram, he didn’t know he was messing with the wrong woman.

Here’s what the troll @zseanzbrown wrote:

“Fat cow. It’s only cus every F****r on this planet is obese that that’s the norm,” the troll wrote. “Plus-size models? give me a F*****g breaking. Everyone needs to stop eating McDonald’s, the NHS is f****d because of people like her eating too many bags of crisps.” Lawrence’s response was a sexy photo of herself in a bed of crisps (chips in the U.S.). “I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself...This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT. Thanks for the inspirational words on a recent pic @zseanzbrown,” she wrote.

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But she didn’t stop there. Lawrence took a slow-mo video giving the troll “the finger” while eating a delicious potato chip.

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