Jason Eppink Adds Cheeky "Spoiler Alert" Sign to New York Subways

Jason Eppink, an artist covered in GOOD back in 2007 and listed among the GOOD 100, has a gripe with the LED displays in the New York subway that tell riders when the next train is expected to arrive:

Unfortunately the information is little more than trivia: except for a few stations, it is only visible to travelers after they’ve paid their fare, so the data has little bearing on commuter decision-making.

Their primary effect, then, is to erode faith in the system, to create expectations that can’t always be met, to raise false hopes, and to erase the mystery and magic of the wondrous system that transports more than five million riders a day.


So he added fun "SPOILER ALERT" signs, allowing riders to "preserve their spirit of adventure" if they want. There are more images in Eppink's Catalog of Creative Triumphs.