Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams Slow-Jam the Clean Energy News

Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams, and the Roots do the impossible: Make clean energy news sexy.


I don't know how I missed this when it first aired back in the summer, during the height of the BP oil spill fallout. Anytime clean energy news is being "slow jammed" by one of America's top newsmen and one of America's top former fake newsmen, you deserve to read about it here. So here's Jimmy Fallon with special guest Brian Williams (or, "Brilliams"), backed as always by the Roots, making clean energy news so very sexy.

A couple great lines:

Fallon: "Like Brilliams says, America's getting a little too sticky in its netherregions."

"A little bit of gushing is good, but too much lubricatoin is bad for the nation. So big Barry O. looked at us in the eyes, and asked if we could live the alternative lifestyle."

Tariq: "That oil spill leaking out of control, so Obama says stop drillin' in those holes."


I promise to be more timely with all vital, essential clean energy news being "slow jammed" going forward. Tip of the hat to NRDC's Switchboard blog for catching me up.