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June's GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Make Your Own Meals #30DaysofGOOD June's GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Make Your Own Meals #30DaysofGOOD
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June's GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Make Your Own Meals #30DaysofGOOD

by Evan George

June 2, 2012

Cooking is crafty, self-empowering, and the closest existing thing to old-world magic. By trading money for raw roots, a thatch of herbs, and a slab of protein, you can transform it into something not only edible, but delicious—that’s powerful alchemy. Plus, making your own food almost guarantees you’ll eat better and feel healthier. It will also give you a chance to engage with the people around you, from the farmer who sells you produce to a loved one you feed to the relatives whose recipes you keep tacked to the fridge.

To that end, for the GOOD 30-Day Challenge in June, we're making a pledge to make all our own meals for the month. GOOD has tapped me to help run the June challenge because I’m a writer, journalist, and former line cook with some tricks up my sleeveless apron. I'm one of the two co-founders of the Hot Knives blog, co-author of the book Salad Daze, and a total farmers' market convert. But there’s an even better reason why I’m hosting this challenge: I believe in the profound power of cooking at home. I do it everyday.

Each weekday in June, I’ll post something tasty—a recipe, a kitchen tip, or a task to help get your stoves (or grills or food dehydrators) fired up. Follow my posts, and share your own pictures, tips, and questions using the hashtag #30DaysofGOOD. Now let's get cooking!

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June's GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Make Your Own Meals #30DaysofGOOD