Justice Department Is Prosecuting A Woman For Laughing At Trump’s Attorney General

A very serious laughing matter

You might have laughed at U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and we couldn’t blame you. But doing so is apparently a potential crime in the eyes of our nation’s leading law enforcement officer.

That’s because activist Desiree Fairooz was reportedly arrested back in January after she interrupted Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing when she burst into laughter while Sessions defended his civil rights record.

According HuffPost, federal prosecutors are moving forward with charges against Fairooz, 61, an activist with the group Code Pink, claiming that her simple act of laughing:

“amounted to willful ‘disorderly and disruptive conduct’ intended to ‘impede, disrupt, and disturb the orderly conduct’ of congressional proceedings.”

How loud was it? “Very loud” according to U.S. Capitol Police.

So loud that some people witnessing the hearing reacted.

Yes, hearing someone laugh is apparently a massive distraction requiring direct police action.

For the record, Fairooz was sitting in the back of the hearing room, and in video of the alleged incident, it’s difficult to even make out the sound of this apparent bombastic laughter that nearly brought America’s justice system to its knees.


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