Hilarious Grandparents Share ‘5 Tips for a Long and Healthy Marriage’

They’ve learned a lot in 72 years together

72 years of marriage will teach you a lot about love and life, especially when you have children. To stick together for that long you have to be loving, supportive, and a great communicator. All while balancing domestic duties, raising children, and making smart financial decisions for the present and future. So that’s why these hilarious grandparents, Kenny and Selma, decided to share their five-ish tips for a long and healthy marriage with their grandchild who’s engaged to be married.

Tip 1: Be good to each other

Tip 2: Make sure that you have food in your Frigidaire

“You do not want to be hungry or starved” – Selma

Tip 3: Help each other in every way financially

“We saved up by putting away one of the salaries” – Kenny

Tip 4: Always keep a clean house

“Make sure that your laundry is done” – Selma

Tip 4 (again): Travel

“You gotta watch your husband though… In Italy I remember Kenny was flirting with one of the ladies at the pool. She didn’t have a top on.” – Selma

Tip 5: Don’t argue with each other

“I don’t argue with you” – Kenny

“You do argue with me” – Selma

Kenny and the topless woman in Italy

via Jason S Campbell / Twitter

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