Love in the Golden Years, With a Push From the Kids

Two English brothers designed their startup with a very specific goal: to help their 60-something mum find love.

For people who grew up on the internet, online dating sites may seem like a natural place to look for companionship. But for those in their golden years, internet romance may feel like a strange fit. That’s why two English brothers started a new dating website specifically to help their 60-something mum find a dashing older gentleman.

The work of Matt and Tim Connolly, My Lovely Parent is set up so kids can create a profile for their moms and dads and search for a great match. (After all, kids probably know their parents better than anyone else. Plus this is the person they’ll have to spend holidays with.) Then they can recommend potential matches, and the link to that match’s profile is automatically emailed to the parent. From there, the parent takes the reins on whether to message someone and, eventually, meet up.

The brothers started a blog in May to track their startup’s progress—and gush about their own mother, the inspiration for the website. "Now in her 60s she's yet to find the man of her dreams—something us kids often tease her about," they write. "She's tall, beautiful and sporty. She's plenty of friends and has an active social life. But she struggles to find other single people her age. If there was ever a better reason to set up a website to help single mums and dads meet new people…"

According to the blog, 1.7 million widowed women over 65 years old live in the United Kingdom, and 5.8 million people over 45 years old live alone in the U.K. That’s a lot of mature dating options. While the site is Britain-based for now, the blog mentions they've looked into expanding to the U.S.

The beta site is free of charge, so it might be the right time to get back at your mom or dad for all the terrible dates they set you up on over the years. Or, hopefully, help them find new love. Will the sexual overtones and x-rated photo sharing that seem to be a staple of modern dating sites be found on My Lovely Parent as well? Only time will tell.



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