Kids Remind Us What a Tough Year 2010 Was for the Climate

A two-minute video of kids talking climate might well be the best environmental year in review for 2010.

I know it's a little late for 2010 "year in review" posts, but I can't help but share this great 1Sky video. It features a bunch of kids talking about just how bad a year 2010 was for climate and the environment, from legislation to unnatural disasters like the Gulf oil spill to deaths in coal mines.


Honestly, I can't think of any better summary of a year that, I believe, we'll long remember as a low point in our great global battle against the ills of fossil fuels. Big props to 1Sky, a great solutions-focused climate advocacy organization, for putting together this video. You can join their nationwide 1Sky Climate Network, which has volunteers working in 393 districts in all 50 states. You can join their "rapid response team" or serve as a "Climate Precinct Captain" to ensure that your elected officials are doing right by our future.