Let's Do This: Make Bike Riding Safer

An online tool from People for Bikes makes it easy to urge Congress to protect bike funding in the transportation bill. Let's do this.

The good news is that lawmakers seem to be making progress in saving the stalled federal transportation bill. The bad news is that there's a good chance Congress will pass a version of the legislation that would result in drastic funding cuts that would hurt people who ride bikes.

We asked our friends at Bikes Belong, a national coalition that works to promote and support bicycling, to fill us in on the details.

"The proposal on the table would allow states to opt out of federal funds for bicycling infrastructure, such as bike lanes and paths that increase road safety," says Ivette Rivera, Vice President of Government Relations for Bikes Belong. "Each state department of transportation would make the decision without any local input. Trying to cut bicycling funding when local communities are already having trouble meeting the growing demand for transportation choices just doesn't make sense."

Let's do what we can to support the continued funding of infrastructure for bicycles. People for Bikes, an initiative of Bikes Belong, has developed an online tool that makes it easy to send letters to your two senators and one congressional representative to urge them to protect bike funding in the transportation bill.

"It is important that people contact their representatives in Congress and ask them to stand up for bicycling," says Rivera. "If bicycling is an important part of your transportation, lifestyle, or health—let them know."

Photo courtesy of Bikes Belong