Celebrate Cycling! And Ask Congress to Support Bikes, Not Cars

GOOD kicks off a week-long celebration of bikes and the people who love them. Let's get Congress to join in.

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Today marks the beginning of Bike Nation, GOOD's weeklong celebration of pedal power. We're not the only ones who are excited—biking is more popular than ever:

But when it comes time to divvy up the nation's transportation budget, cyclists and pedestrians tend to get the short end of the stick. Less than 2 percent of federal transportation funds go toward making our cities friendly for biking and walking.

Right now, Congress is working on passing a transportation bill. It's currently in conference, where members of the transportation committee will make final changes and funding decisions. And the small portion of the budget dedicated to walking and biking is at risk—even though Americans of all political stripes and in all parts of the country are interested in increasing or maintaining the amount of federal funding that supports biking and walking.

So join GOOD in celebrating bikes this week—and while you're at it, show your love for two-wheeled transporation by asking Congress to preserve the small amount of funding for bike-friendly projects. Take action here!

Data sources: AmericaBikes, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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