London’s Ping Pong Revolution

So I’m watching some Entourage extras last night, and I stumble upon a behind-the-scenes look at the new season’s ping-pong episode, in which Kevin Dillon’s character faces off with John Stamos in a high-stakes table-tennis duel, inside some kind of luxe ping-pong lounge.


As I lazed my way through the behind-the-scenes clip, executive producer Ally Musika caught my attention, saying: “We’re trying to bring the whole ping-pong revolution.”


The ping pong revolution? Is there a ping pong revolution taking place? One no one bothered to tell me about? A handy Google search later, it turns out the buzz (the “pop,” perhaps?) around everyone’s favorite garage game is real. A new paddle design has people talking about a new golden age of pong, and the sport even has its own putative sex symbol in Serbia’s Biba Golic (pictured in the thumbnail).


The current epicenter of this “ping pong revolution” seems to be London, where England’s national table tennis association has installed 100 public tables around the city for a month-long summer pong blitz. The tables are available for free pick-up games, as well as scheduled classes with ping-pong aces. This inspiring, government-supported move has been described as an attempt to “increase sustainable mass participation” in sports. Sounds good to me. Perhaps “more ping-pong” is the public-policy slogan our fractured republic needs.

Onward to the revolution!

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