Looks Like Nikola Tesla Will Get His Museum After All

Indiegogo campaign to commemorate the Serbian visionary has rocketed past its goal.

Nikola Tesla may be vindicated at last. Last week we told you about an Indiegogo effort to resurrect his dilapidated lab, the Wardenclyffe Tower, as the first Tesla Museum in the United States (Thanks to reader MYPLACETOBEME for pointing out that Belgrade already has one).

With 37 days to go and the money still coming in, the Tesla Museum campaign has topped its $1 million goal. Jane Alcorn, head of the nonprofit behind the museum, seems baffled by the enthusiasm, according to NPR:

Alcorn and her friends were glued to their computers day and night, watching the numbers go up and up on a fundraising site. There's been over 20,000 contributors from more than a hundred countries.


"They're everywhere! It's almost like an untapped underground of Tesla fanatics," says Alcorn. "I think it's absolutely outrageous and wonderful."


The Wardenclyffe tower itself was dynamited during World War One for fear it would fall into the wrong hands. Tesla had built it with hopes of someday wirelessly transmitting messages and images over long distances.

Fitting that a technology that he envisioned over one hundred years ago could now be harnessed to preserve his long-overlooked legacy.

Image (cc) flickr user Abode of Chaos and Wikimedia Commons