Los Angeles Reimagined with Narrow Streets

David Yoon, a writer, designer, and self-described "urban planning geek," has been transforming the sprawling avenues of Los Angeles into small, human-sized streets by narrowing them in Photoshop.

The project was born when Yoon returned to Los Angeles from a trip to Paris and suddenly realized how the mood of a city could depend on something as simple as street width.

He explains

I think of it as concept art, and like all concept art it's meant to provoke discussion about the city not as a foregone conclusion but as a series of design choices. Sure, it's a do-over fantasy. But hopefully it sparks the imagination to also wonder: are the rules of the city really set in concrete?
In this case, they're at least set in asphalt, unfortunately. But it's fun to dream.

Wilshire Boulevard and 3rd Street in Santa Monica before:


Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard in downtown before:


There are many more at Narrow Streets: Los Angeles.

Via Archinect.