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Make Your Own Meals: Keep Your Kitchen Clean #30DaysofGOOD

Follow these seven rules for a clean, uncluttered kitchen. Then share your tips for keeping things tidy.

Things are easier said than done, or so the old adage goes, and we couldn't agree more. That's why we do The GOOD 30-Day Challenge (#30DaysofGOOD), a monthly attempt to live better. Our challenge for June? Make your own meals.

One of the best things you can do to encourage yourself to cook rather than order out is to keep your workspace clean. I'm not just talking about the kind of clean that comes from soap and water; it's important that you also do things like keep your knives sharp and all your tools organized. This may seem obvious, but tidiness is something that a lot of us don't pay enough attention to. Below are my seven rules for keeping a clean, uncluttered kitchen. What are yours? Please add them in the comments section of this post.

Rule #1 Wash dishes while you work. In between recipe steps, wipe down your cutting board and clean a few plates.

Rule #2 Change your sponge often. Buy them in bulk and replace the one at your sink every two weeks. You’re worth it!

Rule #3 Get more kitchen towels. Take the number you currently have and double it. You should have one under your cutting board to keep it from sliding, and several within reach at all times.

Rule #4 Keep your knives sharp. Make a practice of pulling out your sharpener and doing a Gordon Ramsay impression before starting a meal.

Rule #5 Don’t have a wooden cutting board? Get one. Then, buy a bottle of mineral oil and make sure to treat your cutting board once a month.

Rule #6 Plan out your movements. When you’re cooking, think about what happens first and focus on only those ingredients. Rather than dumping flour from the sack, measure it out before use. This will keep clutter at bay.

Rule #7 Don’t let dishes soak for more than 12 hours. I get it, you were drunk or busy or lazy and you figured you’d just let the scrambled egg bits soak. But never let more than one meal pass with dishes left in the sink.

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Photo via (cc) Flickr user Lara604

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